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If you are a family wanting family portraits, an individual / professional or creative talent actor or performer wanting business portraits or headshots, or a business in need of professional, high quality, compelling photography to use for PR and marketing, please see below to learn more about how Graham Short Photography can create imagery to suit your requirements.

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Professional Headshot Portraits

In this online world in which we find ourselves, it is vital to make a great first impression. Research has shown it takes less than a second for a viewer to "take in" an image and begin making subconscious judgements about it. So that's it. That's YOUR window in which to make that first impression and to make it a good one. 

Hiring a professional photographer can dramatically enhance your chances of making that vital first connection and making sure it's a positive experience for the viewer. These days, a selfie taken with your camera phone simply is not good enough and merely informs the viewer that you are maybe not as serious about making a good impression as you could be, and that is a negative first impression. Any serious person should show that they have passion and commitment to what they do by investing in professional headshot portraiture for their business ventures and career development.

Professional Headshot Photography

Who is this service for?

  • Actors
  • Singers
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Creative Professionals (Directors, Camera Operators, Editors etc)
  • Senior Business Management & Business Owners
  • Front Line Business People
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Tradesmen
  • Models
  • Small & Medium Enterprise Business Owners
  • Civil Servants & Public Sector Workers


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Child & Family Portraiture

What is it all about? Why do we so all that we do? Ask most people and when they have thought it through they will probably answer "it is for our children."

As parents, we love our children with all our hearts, even though sometimes they drive us crazy. Our love for them motivates us to get up in the mornings, go to work, play with them, educate them and even tell them off so that they learn from their mistakes. We cherish them so much yet thanks to the increasing prevalence of digital photography on smart phones, we rarely print out photos of them these days. What if all your photographs stored on your phone got lost? It happens. Not a week goes by on social media where someone you know has had an issue with their phone and lost everything. How many cherished memories would you lose if it happened to you?

There is still a place in modern society for professional photographers to capture those precious memories and make beautiful physical, hard-copy prints; captured memories that cannot be lost if someone steals your phone. 

Graham Short Photography primarily supplies physical photographs for family portraits, with a USB Memory Stick available only as an add on when you purchase prints or photographic products. Why? Read more...


Child & Family Portraiture

  • I want my customers to have the group experience of seeing their photographs in prints together as a family, not just viewing them on a laptop screen.
  • Physical Prints have much greater value to the family, making ideal decorations as framed prints for desks, sideboards and walls in the family home.
  • I work with one of the UK's leading printers to create prints & products that of the highest quality.
  • A huge range of bespoke products is available, from framed & matted prints for wall art, desk framed prints, individual prints, prints on acrylic, metal & wood, canvas wrap prints, photo books & albums, and of course accessories such as key-rings, mouse mats, mugs, calendars etc.
  • I am putting together an "a la carte menu" Price List of products which will become my standard products available to order at your viewing session. However, if there is something you particularly want that is not on the Price List, please feel free to discuss this prior to the viewing session so that I can work out prices for you. The Price List will be available soon.
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Commercial Photography

High-Quality Product Photography is vitally important to sustaining your brand image. As a business owner, you want your brand to be perceived a certain way by your target market; it is important to avoid the mistake of using low-quality product images that will undo all your other work in the split second it takes a viewer to see, analyse and form a judgement about the imagery you decide to show them.

Actively choose to show your customers images that show how much you care about and value your products. This will give them the confidence to seriously consider your proposition and help them along the sales funnel towards becoming a paying customer. It is worth deciding to invest in good quality, professional photography, rather than choosing the cheaper option of doing it yourself with non-professional equipment & without the photographic knowledge & training that will ultimately cheapen your brand.

Graham Short Photography will create professional, high-quality photographs of your products, and supply them to you in ready to use format for your chosen use case.



Professional Headshot Photography

Who is this service for?

  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the North East of England
  • eBay & Etsy Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs, Kickstarters, and E-commerce retailers

What do you get for your money?

  • No Obligation Consultation to discuss your business needs and image usage.
  • Test Shoot with viewing & review to ensure you get the results you expect.
  • Photography of products completed to specification and delivered in digital files, in sizes and formats ready for you to use. 
  • 30 Days Payment Terms as standard. Longer Payment Period terms by negotiation only.
  • Copyright Ownership of all images transferred to the client.


General Info

Graham Short Photography is owned by Graham Short.

As the photographer, all images, upon the moment of creation, become the copyright property of Graham Short, under UK copyright laws. 

Commercial Clients

Commercial clients will, upon engagement and after consultation with Graham Short, receive an Agreement Contract. This contract will define the terms of the engagement and include...

  • A specific description of the works to be carried out, including the number of products, number of images per product and a description of the types of images required, (E.G. front view, side view, top view).
  • Any relevant deadlines.
  • An agreement of the specific use cases (usage) of the images by the client.

Commercial Clients require the use of images in foreseeable and unforeseeable use cases, such as featuring in magazine adverts for example. Because of this Graham Short Photography includes as standard, for commercial clients, the transfer of ownership of copyright, for all paid for images, to the client, under the agreed usage terms as defined in the Agreement Contract, via a Transfer of Copyright Ownership Document. This document will be supplied in PDF format along with the digital images. Having this document as a client ensures that the client has usage rights over the images they paid Graham Short Photography for, according to the original usage agreement defined in the Agreement Contract, protecting them from copyright violation claims in cases where the images have been used as agreed in the contract. Should a client wish to use the images for a usage not defined in the Agreement Contract, then the client should approach Graham Short to buy a license for the specific images and usage they require. Use of images outside of the agreed usage terms without a copyright license for that use case would result in a copyright violation. The cost of a License would be determined through negotiation and on a bespoke basis.

Family Portraiture Clients

Family Portraiture Clients should note the above statement "As the photographer, all images, upon the moment of creation, become the copyright property of Graham Short, under UK copyright laws." This just IS the way UK law, and copyright law in many other countries actually deals with the copyright of intellectual property and works of art. This is not something that the photographer has any control over; it just IS.

What does this mean for you? Well, it is not actually a big deal, so long as you do not recreate or reproduce any of the images I create for you without my permission. If you were to do so then that would be a copyright violation.