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Fantasy Fashion Photography

See this photo gallery featuring images from my Herald Of Autumn: The Wind Seer series. Fantasy Fashion Photography drawing on the world of mystical creatures, magic and faeries for inspiration.

Herald Of Autumn: The Wind Seer

This series of images was published in Surreal Beauty Magazine with a 6 page spread. Click below to see the whole series...

Beauty & Creative Makeup Photography

Working with a talented makeup artist takes portraiture to another level! In this gallery I have collected some of my favourite beauty and creative makeup portrait photographs. 

Beauty & Creative Makeup Photography

Some of the images in this gallery have been published in magazines such as CT Magazine, and represent many hundreds of hours of learning advanced retouching techniques to attain a magazine quality finish.

Baby & Child Portrait Photographs

This gallery features portraits of babies and children. If you are interested in booking me to make portraits of your children then this is the gallery you are going to want to see.

Baby & Child Portraits

This gallery features some of my most favourite photographs I have ever created of my own daughter dressed as Belle from Disney's Beauty & The Beast.

The Sorrow Of Mary Magdalene

The Sorrow Of Mary Magdalene is a creative portrait project based on the theme of religious iconography renaissance era paintings and depicting the story of Mary Magdalene immediately after the death of Jesus Christ. Mary Magdelene modelled by Faye Winston.

Religious Iconography Photography

Mary Magdalene is a biblical character of some controversy; the traditional New Testament story depicts her as a prostitute forgiven for her sins by Jesus and who then joins his followers. Others believe their relationship was a lot closer, with some suggesting that may have even been husband and wife. Which version of Mary Magdalene do you see in this series of portraits?


You only get one chance to make a great first impression! These days that first impression has moved online, with more and more recruiters and casting agents checking you out on social media before meeting you in person. Thats why its really important to have a super headshot, showing you at your very best!

Headshots for Professionals, Actors, Performers...

Whether you are a professional business person, an artist, actor, singer or employee, if you want to make a great first impression online with your clients, employers or peers, a beautiful headshot is vital! See my past work in this genre and get in touch to book your headshot photoshoot!


There has never been a better time to get into Cosplay! Comic Book films from Marvel & DC, as well as other adaptations of pop culture, are all proving to be increasingly popular and providing a wealth of inspiration for fans to create costumes and dress up as their favourite characters.

Cosplay Photography

Why not immortalise your cosplay costume creations with a photoshoot? When I work with cosplayers I always aim to create photographs worthy of a comic book cover or film poster, while of course making the photoshoot itself a lot of fun! Get in touch today to discuss a photoshoot around your favourite Marvel, DC or other comic book and pop culture heroes! Have a look at my previous work here!

Young Dancers at Dance Competitions

I regularly provide an on location pop up studio portrait photoshoot service during local dance competitions and festivals. If you'd like a photographer for your dance event, take a look at my work here..

Dancer Portraits

I have provided over a hundred portraits to happy dance Mums & Dads over the years. Take a look at my dancer portraits here.

Commercial & Product Photography

This Gallery contains a sample of my work photographing real products for e-commerce, marketing and PR use.

Commercial & Product Photography

North East England & County Durham based businesses can take advantage of having high-quality bespoke product photography for marketing their products and advertising purposes both in print and online.